We Are Modifying The Website

We’ve started making changes to our current website to make things more intuitive and easy to find.  Most of you know, as business professionals, that periodic refreshes are a necessary part of growth.  Below are just a few of the changes we have made.

Event Listings

Events will no longer appear on the front page as posts.  Instead, you can find them under the Calendar link in the main menu.  You will also find not just our regular BAC meetings and Executive Team meetings, but the various committee meetings as well.  We’ve even included events that the Crooms AoIT students will be participating in so you can easily go, show your support, and see what they are doing.

Events will also be put up on our Facebook page with reminders being posted to help you remember.  After all, we know how busy life can get and there are some weeks where a friendly reminder is nice to have.

Committee Descriptions & Pages

Each committee is listed on our Committees page (link to get there is on the main menu), with a link to their own page.  We highly encourage those on that committee to check out your brief description and your page.  You know your committee better than anyone (or at least we hope you do) so come up with what you want there and then pass it along to our Marketing Committee chairs, Christine or Angeline.  Remember, this is what our members and potential members see, influencing their decision of whether they are a good fit for your committee.


If you have any ideas on what we could do to make this website more valuable to you as members and, perhaps, easier to navigate, please let Christine, Cathy, or Angeline know.  That goes for what we’ve changed too.  We value your opinion and your feedback.