Tech Fest V: Workshop Speakers

“Why We All Will Be Playing ‘Ender’s Game’” by Michael R. Macedonia
In the book “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card, simulation became reality in the not too distant future. This workshop explores how simulation and gaming are becoming essential technologies for work as well as play in the 21st century. The simulation community in Orlando will be a big part of this fast emerging future.

“A Crazy-Cool YOU!” by Jada Collins
How we feel about ourselves is connected to how we make friends, interact with others, and make choices. What we see around us and how we cope with our CRAZY expectations of ourselves also affect our self-concept. With the rise of social media, gaming, and provocative programming, a new self-esteem concept is emerging – Love You, Live Healthy, and JUST BE YOU! Is it possible to love yourself, live healthy, and Just Be You? Can we really ignore our judgemental eye when looking at ourselves in the mirror or comparing ourselves to society’s superstars? Can we really focus on living a fun, healthy, crazy-cool life as we embrace who we really are? Yes, we can! This workshop will encourage you to collect practical tools to enable you to be “A Crazy-Cool YOU!”

“Dream it, Live it!” by Tina Holden
Are you ready to live your Dream? What is that dream? To be wealthy? Own your own company? Be a successful entrepreneur? Before you can actually live your life dream, you must know what that dream is! In Tina’s workshop, you will be able to really identify and visualize what your life’s dream is, and then how to chart a path to achieve it! You are never too old (or too young) to start living your dream. But, you must first KNOW what that dream is.

“SIM Man” by Kellen Nixon
Come and join the Orlando Science Center as they investigate the various health care careers and amazing opportunities that involve patient simulation and other training technologies. The programmatic centerpiece of the initiative is a patient simulator named “SimMan,” which is used to lead a number of health care scenarios that expose students to the roles and responsibilities of many health care professionals in the industry. This session will explore the technology and training aspect within health care and examine the world of Modeling and Simulation being used to advance this ever-growing field.

“Managing IT in your Flip-Flops” by Don Campbell
The session will discuss and show how technology has advanced to allow management of data centers and networks from anywhere in the world, even the beach. It will show real-world examples of why an IT Director or Manager position doesn’t have to be a 9-5, white-walled job.

“Dream Big” by Brooks Kimmel
Where will your dreams, passions, desires and hard work take you? As a wise friend once told me, “Without vision, people perish.” To keep us from feeling as if life is mundane and void of meaning or purpose, it is vital that we research what matters most to us and as we discover that which we care most about — we live with expectations of great things. Discovering my dreams is one of my favorite things to do because it unlocks my vision, goals and objectives and allows my creativity to expand. During our time together, we will talk about dreams, life’s difficulties along the way and the amazing things that happen as we live out our dreams.

“Technology is Everywhere! Find Your Niche So You Love What You Do” by Adriana Linares
A niche is a position particularly well suited to the person who occupies it. Ok, but what does that mean to you? Attend this session to figure out where your niche could be and get your creative and technology juices flowing about your future as an expert in your favorite industry no matter what that is!

“Introduction to Geographic Information Systems” by Lakshmi Sankaran, Al Hill, and Mira Bourova
This workshop will introduce students to the concept, technology and applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This will include a short presentation and then a hands-on exercise in the use of Esri’s ArcGIS technology for spatial analysis and problem solving.

“Social Networking in the Business World” by Marianne Carlson and Paula Carlson
Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites can be great fun, but they can help you get a job too — if you know how to use them. This session will give you information about:

  • How employers are using social networking sites to find and evaluate potential employees.
  • How you can use social networking to find a job.
  • Careers in social media.
  • Being safe and smart about social networking.

“From Kid, to College to Career” by Jessica Galloza and Mike Dombrowski
Students will learn about iPads, Robots, and how tinkering with these toys can help them sharpen their skills to succeed in this technical world.

“Tips from the HR Team…land that job!” by Chris Stampfli and Yolonda Cottingham
Students will hear interviewing tips from the people who hire and fire for Convergys. Students will also have the opportunity to role play in interviewing scenarios and get a little practice under their belts. Relocating in 2003, Chris was recruited into the recruiting industry to staff residential and commercial builders for a third party recruiting firm. In 2008 he joined Convergys and now acts as an Associate Recruiter staffing a 1500+ seat call center located in Lake Mary, Florida.

“What you need to know about the music business” by Bobby Croft
In this session, you will learn about the history of the recording industry, what the music industry includes, a practical view of where the industry is headed, the jobs within the industry, and the pathway to these jobs.

“Rules of the Game” by Barbara Bergstrom
Periodically, we need to hit the books and brush up on the rules of the game of business. If you are going to make your mark in the highly competitive marketplace of the 21st century, you need to seize every opportunity to outclass and outperform your competition. This is your opportunity!

“Fly High, Save Lives” by Robb Haskins, Dakota Hurley, Chris Jamerson, & Scott Kennedy
Do you like flying?! Would you like to serve your country in a way that you can both have fun and save lives? If yes, then Civil Air Patrol is the program for you. Two of the main missions of Civil Air Patrol are Aerospace Education and Emergency Services. CAP performs 95% of the Search and Rescue missions conducted in the United States. In this seminar, we will demonstrate some of our search and rescue equipment and tactics, as well as share some awesome aerospace lessons, including model rocketry, flight simulation and more! If you want to have fun and enjoy your Tech Fest V experience, then sign up!

“From Scratch Disk to Green Screen in Less than 2 hrs.” by Matt Eggert
Come explore why Apple Computers are built for the Education and Media development markets. It’s not just the fancy hardware but the software that Apple develops that makes them so user friendly. Yet, they produce professional looking products. Matt Eggert will guide you step- by-step on creating a video masterpiece using iLife’s iMovie product. He will teach everyone basic techniques as well as advanced ones like “green screening” and voice-overs. Finally, compression techniques will be discussed so you’ll be prepared to share your content properly with the rest of the world.

“Computer Based Music Production” by Modibo Coulibaly and Justin Payette
The presentation will focus on the importance of computers in music production and the steps taken to become an active music producer. Modibo is a music producer, songwriter, and recording artist. He produces Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B. He began his musical journey as a rapper in 1998. In 2006, he became a music producer and started “Symfuniq Productions.”

“Acing the Interview” by Michelle Pettitt
A practical and interactive workshop to equip students with interviewing skills. Students will discuss everything from what to wear (or not wear!), items to take, body language during the interview, sample questions, and more. This session will help all seniors prepare for their Senior Exit Interviews in April.

“Making Movies and Games” by André Thomas
Have you ever thought about how great it would be making a movie in front or behind the camera, or how awesome it would be making games? Now, imagine doing just that and earning a living with it. Having done both, I will share my experience with you and explain how I managed to do it in a not so straight path and answer any questions you may have.

“Burning the Box. How to Unleash your Creative Brain” by Bob Kodzis
We’ve all heard the phrase “Think out of the Box” when people are trying to get creative. This presentation takes creative thinking to a whole new, fun, and funny level. Burning the Box will teach you how to think more creatively. It will change the way you approach problems in your life. It will inspire you. It will make you laugh. It will make you think differently. This creativity boot camp is based on 25 years of working with, and inspiring ideas from some of the most creative people on the planet; people like artists, performers, roller coaster designers and even a few Disney Imagineers. Burning the box with crack open your mind, (but without the use of a sharp tool).

“Strength in Knowing, Power in Believing” by Dylan Buhain, Jessica Rich, & Roger Capote
To experience your full capabilities, you have to step outside your comfort zone and take the chance of failing. Failing is not the end; rather, it is the beginning of growth, maturity and opportunity. When you take the workshop provided by Lighthouse Central Florida Youth Leadership Program, you will challenge yourself and each other to achieve a goal that at first, you may think is unachievable. At the end of your time with us, you will hopefully be exposed to the concept that there is always an answer to a problem. Your effort and attitude in achieving the goal are keys to your success in the future. Strength in Knowing, Power in Believing.