Symantec Corporation Earns the CBRA for Seminole County Public Schools

On June 17th, Symantec Corporation earned the Commissioner’s Business
Recognition Award. Symantec Corporation understands the importance of
schools and businesses providing real-life experience and relevant
curriculum for teachers and students. Symantec provides instructional
coaching, mentoring, and student job shadowing/paid internships. Symantec
plays in integral part of sharing career related information so that
students can make good decision on career paths to pursue in both the
workplace and college. Symantec has been the presenting sponsors for Tech
Fest III and IV which provides funds to build our special programs.
Symantec’s participation on the Business Advisory Council helps to insure
that Seminole County Public School students have the skills needed for a
global economy. The Crooms Business Advisory Council is very appreciative
of the partnership.