New Members

In today’s economy, it’s important to market yourself and put your business out there to attract customers. Becoming a member of the Crooms BAC will help to generate new leads as well as give you a support structure of qualified, professional individuals and businesses who love working together.

What You Need To Know

Most everything you need to know about being a BAC member, and about the BAC itself, is here, on our website. Some things, like tasks for a particular committee, you’ll have to talk to the committee chair to get. Below is a brief idea of what information is readily available, here.

  • Calendar – Check out our calendar to find meeting and event dates, times, and other information that is pertinent. You can also RSVP to events there.
  • Meeting Minutes – This is a great section if you missed a meeting or just want to go over something that was discussed. You’ll find the Agenda, Minutes, and PowerPoint from the meeting here.
  • Committees Overview & Individual Committee Pages – Here you can find out what each committee does and is responsible for. It’s a great way to decide, or at least get an idea of, which committee you would be interested in being a part of.
  • Business Partner Opportunities – There are lot of ways you can get involved and this is a great place to see them all. Choose one or get involved with multiple areas, you decide.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities – There are lots of areas where sponsors are needed and appreciated. The ones mentioned here are just a few but they are good places to start if you want to make a difference but don’t have the deep pockets corporations do.

Those are the main areas. The one that isn’t mentioned is this page because you’re already on it! =) Keep scrolling to find out more.

Documents & Such

There probably isn’t an organization out there that doesn’t have documents for its members in some form or fashion. Here are ours.

Crooms AoIT BAC Charter
Official Crooms AoIT BAC Bylaws
Yearly Planning Cycle

Meeting Practices

Business Advisory Council Meetings – Council Members will meet quarterly on the 4th Friday (exceptions for holidays)

Executive Committee Meetings – Executive Committee will meet on a monthly basis on the 3rd Friday.

Committee Meetings – Subcommittee meetings will be conducted on an as needed basis.

Funding and Time Commitment

Participation in all levels of the Business Advisory Council is on a volunteer basis with no direct remuneration or reimbursement to the contributing business.  For the Council members to be effective, members must be able to make an ongoing time commitment to priority efforts.  Approximate hourly commitments are as follows:

Member Proposed Time Commitment
Executive member 48 hours annually
Council Members 10 hours annually
Subcommittee Members 24 hours annually

Spread The Word

Do you have someone you think might be a good fit for the BAC? Here are several materials that you can give them so they can learn more about us, or you can just send them to this site. Invite them to an Experience Crooms event, all the dates are on the calendar. Forward them our e-newsletter so they can get a feel for what we do.

If you are not a member already and are interested in joining the Crooms AoIT Business Advisory Council, please contact Cathy Alper ( or call 407-320-5749.  More details about the council’s mission and goals will be shared at that time.  We NEED you!