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Business Advisory Council                             

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Dividends Volunteer Sign Up  (If you are a member of Crooms Business Advisory Council)

Teach In Day  (November 13, 2018)

Internship Program (June – August)

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TechFest – (March 14, 2019)

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9th Grade Program  (April/May) JA Career Success Program

10th Grade Program (October/November)

JA Enhance Career Success Program

Job Shadow Opportunities

12th Grade Program (January)

Personal Finance

Senior Portfolio Project

Now IT’s Time to Recognize You as a Council Member -SCPS School Board Meeting

Appreciation Recognition (June 4, 2019)  

BAC Summer Retreat   This now shows up on the Partner-In-Excellence Google Form.  

It’s the last question on the google form.

Planning with the END IN MIND – August 3, 2018 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.