Work Site Tours / Internships

The Work Site Tours / Internship Committee is responsible for all aspects of Work Site Tour visits and Internship opportunities provided to Crooms AoIT students. Each program is described below.

Work Site Tours

Work Site Tours help students apply job-related skills and develop workplace competencies. Work Site Tours visits are scheduled with various companies within the community so students can do some career exploration. Students are required to complete two job shadowing field trips as an English requirement. One field trip will be scheduled as a group and the second trip will be developed by the student in a career field of their choice.

If you can offer a group a Work Site Tour experience for approximately 25 students to explore, network and research their career choices, please contact Cathy Alper at (407) 320-5749 or


The Internship Program is a cooperative education program that offers course credit with paid, productive real-world work experience. The Crooms AoIT Internship Program job is IT related and students will earn the National Academy Foundation Certificate. This program offers many educational, financial and career-building benefits.

The requirement for corporate participation:

  • Schedule a minimum of 150 working hours for the student to earn full credit
  • Students must be assigned to a supervisor
  • Timecard and evaluations must be submitted each marking period

If your company is interested in providing an internship, please contact Cathy Alper at (407) 320-5749 or

Internship Pictures