Business Advisory Council Scholarships

By pairing with the National Academy Foundation, the Council was able to provide a total of ten scholarships to ten seniors. All ten recipients received a five-hundred dollar scholarship that can be used to aid college expenses for the coming fall.

National Academy Foundation scholarship recipients attended a brunch at the Mall of Millennia to be honored. All ten recipients will be honored at the Crooms award ceremony on Thursday, May 12.

The BAC / NAF Funded Scholarships were awarded to Marissa B., Mark C., Siddique J., Douglas D., and Greg R. The BAC awarded five additional scholarships to Bryan R., Fabiola H.,
Amber M., and Melany C. The 2010-2011 BAC Intern, Carly N., was also awarded an internship scholarship. A big thanks to Kevin Jackson and his team for serving on the Scholarship

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